Top Florida Chef – Burnt Brian’s Review:

“I love hot sauces…and I love Salem’s Lott hot sauces most of all. Each one in the line-up provides a great and distinct flavor with stepped-up levels of heat – from a quick “head shake” to a “curl your toes” kind of heat that breathes life into your food. Jeff’s recipes, care and fresh ingredients ensures a punchy, percussive hot sauce experience – enjoy”

-Darrell McNeil!!


“Ferrari’s are made by hand and so is Salem’s Hot Sauce. It’s no coincidence.”

-Kelly Jordan

Eric Braeden as Victor Newman from the Y & R and former Canadian heavy weight champion boxer George Chuvalo giving thumbs up to the sauce.

thumbs up


“Salem’s Hot Sauce is the equivalent of drinking 30 year old Scotch. Once you have it, you can’t go back.”

-Matt McFarland

“Salem’s Lott hot sauce is the best hot sauce I have ever tried.  It is like a meal to me.  I cannot seem to eat most of my meals without adding even just a dab.  I love it best on pizza and pasta and with wine, it really brings out the aroma and flavor.  What I like best is that the sauce is not watery like most hot sauces.  All you need is a little bit and flavor is full.  It is addicting though.  I think it is the quality fresh ingredients that really go along way but he has a passion for making it so it speaks for itself.  You must try at least a bottle and then you be the judge.  No meal should be without”.

-Karen Wallace


“In some circles I’m considered a hot sauce afficianado. Salem’s Lott sauce compares with the best of them in both heat & flavour”

-Tony Cutrone


“This hot sauce is so good that sometimes I literally take spoonfuls of it. ”

-Michael James

-Jan Kershaw


“Beware of Salem’s Lott- the hothead’s sauce of choice. Never sacrificing flavour for heat, Salem’s Lott adds the spice you need in addition to mouth-watering taste. Only the freshest, hand-chosen ingredients are included in each bottle, personally prepared and bottled from start to finish by Jeff Salem. Buy some now and hallucinate the heat.”

-Mark Gougeon


“North Muskoka has been savouring the awesome flavours of Salems Lott Hot Sauces for over a year now and its clear………they love it.”

Andy Muller Detective OPP Central Region